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  • .tap file fast loading (with multitap files)
    • Joysticks support for a lot of games on atmos mode
    • the hobbit, defence-force (and others games) works without any patch for loading (but with special roms).
  • in system : kernel update, roms and ram update (with orixcfg binary)
  • 2 DB9 Joysticks (atari)
  • 512KB of EEPROM (banking mode)
  • 512KB of RAM (banking mode)
  • read from sdcard or usb drive (mass storage)
  • ram saved with a battery
  • drag and drop from the PC to the oric : It will be available on the oric (with WIFI connexion) : It requires extra hardware with a raspberry pi zero
  • fast loading : 46KB per second. A game require less than one second to load and start

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