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Question from Baz67
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Question from Baz67

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I'm wondering if you can help me?
I have two 3" master Microdisc units for the Oric but both have faults.
One gets as far as:
but the Hitachi 3" disc unit, we believe, is faulty as I have had a technical micro guy have a look and he cannot get it to read when connected to other systems, ie. an old PC.
I also have another microdisc unit and that does not even show this message but power gets to it and the 3" disk unit does try to boot and makes plenty of noises as it accesses a boot disk placed in the drive bay.
So, dear CEO staff, do you have a technical guy who can advise and maybe help me get ONE working unit from maybe using the parts from these two units?
Or maybe your guys have spare 3" microdisc components and can maybe get both drives back to working condition for me once more?
I thank Steve Marshall for putting me in touch with you and of course I would be delighted to join the CEO club if you would send me membership details.
My best regards.

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